Locker and Locker Facility Rules and Regulations

The following Locker and Locker Facility Rules and Regulations (hereinafter, these “Rules”) apply to all the Members. For the purpose of these Rules, the “Member” shall encompass the Primary Member and the Occupants as listed in the Membership Information, as well as any additional family members, invitees, and guests that may accompany the Member on the Premises, with the Primary Member bearing responsibility for the actions of any additional family members, invitees, and guests that may accompany a Member on the Premises. Initially capitalized terms used in these Rules and not defined herein shall be attributed the meanings assigned to them in the Membership Information or the Club Confirmation and the Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions. The Club, in its sole and absolute discretion, shall have the authority to amend and modify these Rules when and as it may deem appropriate.

  1. The Lockers and Locker Facilities may only be accessed between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm during the published dates of Vail Mountain’s ski season, and at times otherwise published by the Club. Participants in the ‘First Tracks Program’ are granted early access to the Club on designated First Tracks days, allowing entry before 7:00 am.
  2. One keycard may be issued per Member over 16 years of age. Lost or stolen key cards may be replaced subject to a $50 replacement fee.
  3. THE LOCKER MAY BE USED ONLY BY THE PRIMARY MEMBER AND EITHER NO MORE THAN THREE ADDITIONAL OCCUPANTS CONSISTING OF UP ONE ADDITIONAL ADULT, AND UP TO 2 CHILDREN subject to such exceptions as the Club may make in its sole discretion, including with respect to Day Guests, as defined below. Should the Club, in its sole judgment, determine that the Member has violated these occupancy limitations, the Club shall have the authority to immediately terminate this Agreement and the Member shall have no right to a proration or refund of any portion of the Membership Fee.
  4. All persons sixteen (16) years of age or younger must be accompanied on the Premises by at least one (1) adult and no child may use a Locker independently or with another child except when joined by at least one (1) adult.
  5. Members may use only the Locker(s) identified in the Club Confirmation. Any Member’s use of other or additional Lockers may result, at the option of the Club, in the immediate termination of the Membership Agreement and the Membership.
  6. All ski and snowboard equipment and clothing must be stored inside of the Locker. Under no circumstances may ski and snowboard equipment, clothing, or other related items, such as goggles, helmets, hats, gloves, etc., be stored outside of the Locker, in the Locker Facilities, or anywhere else within the Premises at any time. Your locker is to remain closed and locked at all times.
  7. Boots must be stored in the individual member’s locker(s) or the boot drying room on a boot drying rack, or in the Member’s Locker. Personal belongings may not be left on the floor in the Locker Facilities. Boots are left on the boot dryers at your own risk. Neither the Club, Vista Bahn LLC, Club One nor Gondola Haus are responsible for any boots or other equipment or personal property stored on boot dryers, outside of Lockers, or within Lockers left ajar or unlocked. Boots may only be stored in the boot room on a short term basis defined as no more than (1) week unless the boots are being removed and replaced due to use every day. Boots must be stored inside the locker during the offseason and summer months. Boots left on the racks during the summer will be assumed abandoned and donated at Club One’s discretion.
  8. No ski or snowboard equipment, clothing, or other items may be put on display or advertised as “For Sale” unless approved the Club at their sole discretion.
  9. In the event a Member leaves ski or snowboard equipment, clothing, or other items in the Locker or Locker Facilities after departure, the Locker Facilities Attendant may collect and hold such items in the “Lost and Found”. If such items are not retrieved by the last day of the then Vail Mountain ski season, the items and their value is relinquished to the Club which may sell or donate such items.
  10. The Club is not responsible for any equipment, boots, clothing, poles, or other lost or stolen personal property.
  11. Members are not allowed to bring and/ or use in the Locker room any personal appliances (i.e., hairdryers, microwaves, or other).
  12. Members shall not bring onto the Premises or into the Locker Facilities or store in the Locker any flammable, combustible or other dangerous materials or any materials that give off noxious odors or fumes, including ski wax removers or hot irons. WAXING OF ANY EQUIPMENT IN THE LOCKER FACILITIES OR ON THE PREMISES IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.
  13. All Members agree to conduct themselves in a polite and orderly manner while in the Locker Facilities to quickly and efficiently remove or store ski and snowboard equipment and clothing in the Lockers.
  14. Use of marijuana or other federally controlled substances, under-age alcohol consumption, smoking and/ or vaping within the Premises is strictly prohibited.
  15. Animals of any kind (hereinafter, “Pets”) are prohibited from entering on the Premises except with the express, written permission of the Club, or as required by law. The following terms and conditions apply to all Members who are so permitted to bring a Pet upon the Premises:
    1. Pets must be accompanied by the Member at all times, on a leash or inside a carrier, and fully under the control of the Member. No Pets may be left unaccompanied anywhere upon the Premises for any period of time.
    2. No Pet waste is permitted anywhere upon the Premises, including on decks or patios, or anywhere in the interior of the Premises. In the event of any damage, harm, or loss due to pet waste on the Premises, the Member shall clean up its Pet’s waste immediately, shall be subject to a fine of $500, and shall be responsible to fully reimburse the Club for the cost of all repair, cleaning, decontamination and/or other maintenance related in any way to the entry of Member’s Pet upon the Premises.
  16. Members, their families, invitees, and guests entering the Premises must abide by these Rules, posted signs, and any and all verbal or written instructions given by personnel of the Club. Any violation of these Rules, posted signs or verbal or written instructions given by personnel of the Club may result, at the option of the Club, in the immediate termination of the Membership Agreement and the Membership.
  17. Members may not alter any part of the Club or their Locker(s) without the express, written permission of the Club. This excludes the use of shelving or hanger bars provided by the Club. Members may use removable, impermanent command hooks or the like to alter the interior of their Locker(s) but may not use nails or permanent glue or otherwise permanently alter the Locker(s).
  18. Guest Policy: In the discretion of the Club, Members are permitted to have up to two (2) non-Member guests per day (each, a “Day Guest”) join them on the Premises. Members must sign in all Day Guests with the Club staff. Day Guests who have been signed in are permitted to use the Club Facilities for the day. Day Guests are not permitted to store any items in the Club overnight including but not limited to in the lockers, boot room, charging stations, or ski racks. Any items of the Day Guests stored during the day must be stored within the Member’s locker. Day Guests shall have no rights under the Membership Agreement but shall be subject to all Member obligations under the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement and all Club Rules and Regulations. Members are responsible for their Day Guests and any damage caused by their Day Guests. Should Day Guests violate any part of the Membership Agreement or the Club Rules and Regulations, the Club may terminate the Member’s membership without notice.
  19. Off-Season/Summer Storage: Off-season or Summer is defined as the period when Vail Mountain is not open for skiing and when the Club is not staffed daily by Club staff. Only if the Member renews the Membership Agreement before the end of the Term (whether by auto-renewal or by entering a new Membership Agreement), the Member may store gear over the Summer in their Locker. Gear may only be stored in the Locker assigned to the Member in the Club Confirmation unless otherwise instructed by the Club. Absolutely no gear will be permitted to be stored outside of the Locker over the Off-season or Summer including but not limited to in the boot room or ski racks. Any gear found left outside of the lockers after the end of the Term shall be deemed abandoned and the Club shall have the right to dispose of, donate, or sell the same as set forth in the Membership Agreement.